15 Reasons Why Pizza Is So Good

After dipping your teeth into this heavenly cheese concoction, did you ever mumble and ask yourself, “Why is pizza so good?” Equipped with drool-worthy toppings of melted mozzarella cheese and chunks of pepperoni, pizza pies have always saved us from broccoli dinners. Not only that, pizza has been the ultimate sidekick and our partner-in-crime for those Netflix night binges.

And did you know that eating pizza might actually be good for your health? Tonight, let’s ponder over the numerous benefits of pizza while we order our go-to pie with our favorite toppings.

1- Pizza Will Always Have Your Back

Remember those heated drunken arguments at the bar that ended with a swollen, black eye? We are sure you came home and ordered your favorite pizza pie and shared your woes with five or more pizza slices on this cold and lonely night. Even if you’re tired and worn out, pizza will always be there for you.

2- Affordable

Pizza tastes a lot better than frozen food and is way cheaper than visiting a restaurant on a budget. Just call Manny and Olgas to have a taste of affordability tonight.

3- Variety

So, why eat pizza? Well, for one, pizza pies can be gluten-free and come with an assortment of ruthless toppings to choose from. So, whether you’re craving that ranch taste and a bucket-load of pepperoni or buffalo chicken for the night, pizza has got you covered.

4- All-Night Partner

Who needs a partner when you can have plenty of pizza to assist you on those vengeful all-nighters?

5- Easy to Handle

Even if you’re traveling on the metro and reading a book, you can always dunk your teeth into a slice of pizza without drawing enough attention to yourself. Other than being awfully cheap, it’s portable and easy to handle.

6- Drunken Remedy

Pizza is the perfect remedy for a hangover. We all know you want some pizza dough and cheese to help you satiate your drunken taste-buds.

7- The Perfect Meal

Whether it’s breakfast or a midnight supper, pizza has got you covered. Pizza understands you, and will always be there to rescue you even when you don’t want to cook a meal for yourself. Just order a giant pizza pie, and let it cover your entire day.

8- Door Service

Tired to go out on a Sunday? Pick up your phone and call Manny and Olga’s Pizza to have a giant yet fiery hot pizza pie delivered to your place.

9- Loyalty Unmatched

You can judge your best friend’s loyalty, but we dare you to judge the true companionship of a heart-felt pizza pie. Your BFF awaits you with melted cheese, your favorite artisan toppings and soft dough.

10- Breaking Stereotypes

Embrace the pizza spectrum by treating yourself to a whole new era of toppings every day. Simply order yourself a new topping each day (till you practically run out of ideas) because pizza surely knows how to dress and appear trendy according to your mood.

11- Veggie-Friend

Everything looks better on a pizza, right? Tackle those Monday blues by eating healthy for a change. Top your pizzas with broccoli or any other veggie you have in mind. Trust us, after this, veggies won’t be that hard to swallow.

12- Antioxidants Overdose

In addition to its loyalty, deep dish and thick crust, pizzas are equipped with more antioxidants than their thinner counterparts. Deep dish pizza slices take longer to bake because of their thick crusts and, therefore, have to be treated to higher oven temperatures.

13- Exercise Companion

The temptation of a pizza slice might be enough to motivate you to hit the gym right away. However, pizza doesn’t tell you to cheat every day. With 15 grams of protein a pizza slice, save your energy and bottle it all up for your upcoming cheat day.

14- More Lycopene Absorption

Since pizza is loaded with tomatoes, you’d be happy to know that you’re getting a heavy dose of lycopene per slice consumption. Lycopene is an antioxidant and has been known to be quite beneficial for the prevention of heart diseases. The next time someone pops the ‘Why eat pizza?’ question you know what to answer.

15- Helps to Battle Cancer

One of the benefits of pizza is that it helps protect you from different types of cancer. According to several studies, people who had pizza at least twice a week had less chances of developing cancer than those who didn’t eat pizza at all.

There was a 59% decline in the chances of getting esophageal cancer for people who had pizza twice a week. Similarly, studies also showed a 34% decline in the development of throat cancer and 26% of biweekly pizza eaters were less likely to develop colon cancer as well.

So, now do you know why pizza is so good? Well, so do we and we already know what we’re getting for dinner tonight!