3 Tips to Consider for Unforgettable Pizza Parties – Our Guide

With summer just around the corner and much more bonding taking place indoors, this time of year signals one special occasion for families all over America: pizza party time!

Why a pizza party is a great idea to follow

Although it’s Italian by origin, pizza quickly became a pivotal part of American culture and is now celebrated by everyone from the east to the west coast.

Regardless of how big your family is or how many people you have at home, there’s no better time to enjoy each other’s company indoors than with a few boxes of pizza! Amidst all the stress that’s happening around the world, having a pizza party can provide everybody at home with the opportunity to relax and have lots of fun by munching on their favorite pies.

A few ways you can make your own celebration extra special

Now, while it’s definitely a no-brainer to have such a party as soon as you can, making sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan is an entirely different story. In this article, we will share with you three tips on how to make sure that your pizza party is a hit:

1. Make sure you’re ordering enough pies to go around

Out of all the different ways that you could possibly ruin a pizza party, the easiest way to do so is to build up lots of hype overeating the dish, only to find out that you’re a few servings short of making sure everyone gets a good serving.

As confusing as it might seem at first, getting enough pizza to go around can easily be done by multiplying the number of people at home by three (for each adult) or two (for each kid) slices per person. For instance, if you have four kids and four adults at home, then you should have at least 20 slices of some mouth-watering Manny and Olga’s pizza prepared!

2. Always go for the commonly-preferred flavor

The best way to make sure that your pizza party is a success is to make sure that everyone’s getting a taste of the flavors that they enjoy. After all, why would you get a box of Hawaiian pie if your family doesn’t believe that pineapples belong on pizza? Before you order a few boxes for everyone at home, run a quick survey on what flavor every pizza party attendant wants so that you can get the right order through!

3. Order your pizza at the right time

Sure, it might seem simple at first, but having your pizza delivered hot and fresh can definitely liven up the mood by a long shot because any pie is best enjoyed when served hot!

Generally, the best way to make sure that your order comes in the right temperature can be to order right on time or ring up your pizzeria for an advanced order. When you take the time to focus on this little detail, you ensure that everyone at home will have a splendid time with each bite that they take out of the pizza they’ve longed to enjoy!


With summer fast approaching, you should start planning for your pizza party as early as now! You will want to make it as memorable as possible, and by following the tips above, you can surely have it the way you planned!

Looking to enjoy the best pizza in DC for your next party? Give us a call today at Manny & Olga’s Pizza and place your order!