3 Ways to Keep Your Pizza Warm for Longer – Our Guide

So you’ve just ordered pizza for your upcoming sleepover or overnight party. Unfortunately, the pizza has arrived a few hours early. Now, how are you going to ensure that the pizza you bought is going to stay nice and warm till they arrive and help you consume every bit of it? This seems to be a common conundrum for party hosts, and so we’ve come up with a few ways you can keep your pizza warm:

1. The pizza stone method

If you have a pizza stone, then congratulations—you are definitely a certified pizza lover. With a pizza stone, you can use it to effectively keep the pizza warm for long periods, preserving its tastiness for a longer period of time.

To warm your pizza using a pizza stone, place it inside the oven for around thirty minutes to an hour, at approximately 200 Fahrenheit. Once the stone’s hot enough, place the pizza on top and leave it there until it is time to chow down.

2. The box method

If you want to avoid opening the pizza box at all costs for any reason, or if you do not have a pizza stone to place it on, there is a way you can warm it up.

Head to your oven and set it to its lowest temperature. The reason you would want to do this is to prevent the pizza from overcooking. With that running for a bit, you can place the box inside the oven and leave it there. If you want to keep the crust crispy, be sure to leave a bit of an opening in the box. In most boxes, you will find little flaps that you can open to allow for steam to escape.

3. The frying pan method

If you do not have a pizza stone or have multiple pizzas to warm up quickly and have spare pans to use, this could be the method for you.

To go about this, place your pizza on the pan first, then place it on the stove. Turn it up to high for around two minutes, before turning it down to medium. This will allow the crust to stay crispy without getting burnt. Also, leaving it at medium will allow the heat to penetrate the pizza, melting the cheese. If you find that the cheese is not melting, placing a cover on top can assist in the process.

Note that this will take a few tries to get perfect. You might end up burning a pizza or two, but after you get the hang of it, this is perhaps the quickest method to warm your pizza while ensuring the best results.


If you need to keep your pizza warm for any reason, the above methods are what you can try out! Of course, there is always the microwave method, but the results are not the best. With a microwave, you will just be left with a soggy pizza that is not thoroughly warm. Because we do not want to ruin your pizza-eating experience, do try the tips that we’ve shared. They guarantee the freshest pizza, even after a few hours, and your buddies will surely be grateful for all your effort.

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