4 More Reasons to Have Some Pizza When You’re Feeling Down

During those days when everything is stressful and nothing seems to go right, there’s one thing that people usually get to cope with the situation: comfort foods. 

What’s interesting is that comfort foods can vary from one person to another. There’s a wide variety of foods that can bring comfort to people—just like how one person may find comfort in a tub of ice cream bought from a store while another finds solace in a home-cooked meal. 

That said, if you’ve been going through a tough time, you’ll most likely never go wrong with pizza. It is popular in fun parties and gatherings, but it can also be your best companion when you’re feeling down. 

Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or had just come from a long day, this warm and cheesy food will surely nurse your soul. Need more convincing? Here are a few more reasons to order some pizza when you’re down in the dumps. 

1. They’re Customizable

When you’re stressed out or feeling down, your tastes could also change. Maybe you’re in the mood for something spicier, or maybe you’d prefer thin crust this time around. Whatever it is, you don’t have to stress yourself out further because you have a wide variety of pizza styles to choose from. 

2. They’re Topped With Flavorful Ingredients 

If you’re someone who finds comfort in full-flavored food, here’s another reason to call your favorite pizza place. Think about this: in one food, you already get to enjoy the tastes of ingredients you equally love. 

You can choose to have your pizza topped with mushrooms and olives, along with a healthy serving of tomatoes and cheese. Most importantly, you also get to enjoy your favorite pepperoni, sausage, or any vegetarian substitute. 

If you’re part of that population who loves pineapples on pizza, no one will stop your love for this mixture of sweet and salty, too! 

3. They’re Mouthwatering

Eating comfort foods make you feel better because, in a way, you are receiving a “reward”⁠—by eating a delicious-looking food. 

If you know that you get so satisfied digging in foods that look as scrumptious as they taste, you’ve now found your perfect food! Pizzas have this appetizing rustic red marinara sauce and are outlined by an orange-cream crust. Of course, let’s not forget the mouthwatering toppings, the thick coat of cheese, and the fact that they smell really good, too.  

4. They’re Perfect for Sharing 

When you’re going through a rough time, you should remember that you’re not alone. You have your family and friends who you can open up to when the going gets tough. 

If you’re having a late-night chat with a sibling or a sleepover with your friends, a pie can make the night at least a little warmer. It’s a great snack to share as you rant or let out your heart. Ultimately, it can also bring you closer to the people who love you and give you a shoulder to cry on.


Because of these reasons and so much more, pizza can be good for your emotional health. It helps you feel at least a little better, and it also helps you become closer to the people who are always there for you. What’s even better is that not all pizzas are unhealthy; you can have yours topped with the freshest tomatoes and vegetables so that your body still gets the vitamins and minerals it needs. 

Pizzas make a good companion for the bad days. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only have them when you’re facing the gloomiest of days. It’s a good idea to practice self-love and self-care every day, so it’s perfectly fine to reward yourself with a slice of your favorite pizza now and then! 

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