6 Great Reasons for Manny and Olga’s Pizza Delivery

While pizza originally came from Italy, the beloved pie has become deeply embedded in American culture. It is now one of the most recognizable foods worldwide, and it will likely forever remain a popular dish when you consider its endless varieties and iterations.

Here at Manny and Olga’s in Maryland, Washington DC, we like to keep things old-school and as close to authentic as possible. With our delicious food, fair prices, and quality service, we’d love for you to give our pizza a try. We’ll even send it straight to your door, and here are some great reasons you should have a pizza delivered right now:

1. It’s delicious!

Our food is delicious and unlike any other, blending the techniques of both Greek and Italian food to perfection. We use the freshest, all-natural ingredients for our toppings and the highest-quality milk to make our own cheese! The best part? Our food is no-fuss, making us an easy choice for kids and picky eaters who just want something good and filling for meals.

2. The weekend is here!

Friday is a good night for pizza delivery. It’s the end of a long and hard work week, and an opportunity to kick and relax with a pizza, some friends, and (not for the kids) a cold beer. Even then, what’s stopping you from ordering pizza on a Monday? Or a Wednesday? Manny and Olga’s is good any day of the week!

3. You wouldn’t have to cook.

Cooking and cleaning up after can be tedious, tiring, and time-consuming, especially for working individuals. Let us do the work for you with some great pizza. You’ll have more time to do the things you wanted to do and some great-tasting pizza to go with it.

4. It’s your cheat day.

What better way is there to take a break from your diet than with pizza delivery? We know how hard you work to keep healthy, but we also know that you deserve a break with a slice of delicious pizza. Order a whole pie (or two); up to you. We won’t judge.

5. It’s a birthday! Or an anniversary? Let’s get pizza!

Pizza is great for any occasion, whether it’s the birthday of a family member or pet, or the anniversary of your first game of Fortnite, or just a pizza party at work to raise morale. You just definitely can’t go wrong with pizza, especially ours!

6. You want to try something new.

If variety is what you’re looking for, look no further than our menu. It’s guaranteed to have unique and delicious pizzas that are unlike anything you’ve ever had. Our Greek pizzas are sure to whet your appetite and leave you wanting more!

If you’re craving for more than that, we provide more than just pizza, too! We got wings, salads, burgers, and more for you to sink your teeth into.


Good food makes life better. If you’re just looking for your fix of good pizza, then what’s stopping you? Your heart (more likely, your stomach’s) desire is right within your reach.

Your next pizza delivery is just around the corner! We have everything you might need at Manny and Olga’s, and we’re in multiple locations in the MD and DC areas. Click the big, red button on the top-right to place an order now!