Are Beer and Pizza the Best Combo Ever?

Some foods are just destined to be paired together forever. From peanut butter and jelly to ice cream and apple pie, it seems like the flavors were simply made for each other. Although the comforting spice of apple pie melds amazingly with the velvety goodness of ice cream, the truth is that it’s simply not the best food pairing in the world. That honor belongs to pizza and beer.

There are so many varieties of both the pie and the beverage that the pairing possibilities are endless. The delicious tang of the tomato sauce in pizza is simply unmatched when paired with beer’s refreshing zest. With that said, here’s why beer and pizza are the best combo:

They’re A Social Food

Food always tastes much better when it’s shared, and beer and pizza are no exception. Whether you want to unwind after a hectic day at work or celebrate your favorite sports team’s victory, you’re probably going to treat yourself to a pizza and a beer. A nice cold drink is a great way to kick back and relax, and it’s all the more enjoyable when you share that nice alcoholic buzz with friends and family. 

Meanwhile, given the sheer size of most pizzas and the way they’re made, it’s simply food that’s begging to be split among guests. They can even be cut into square slices for maximum distribution. The shareability of this combination has made it a trendy choice for social gatherings, and it’s hard not to see why!

They Complement Each Other

The variations of beer and pizza each are so vast that they’re very likely to be infinite. In fact, there are lots of create-your-own pizza offerings that allow you to create your unique combination of pizza. With a range of toppings from cheese and mushrooms to even mango and chocolate, you can create the wildest pizza of your dreams. The best part? There’s definitely a beer that complements it.

There are hundreds of beers out there, from a Pilsen to a lager. No matter what you pick, there’s definitely one that enhances pizza’s zestiness and vice versa. This combination is also known for contrasting each other’s flavors, making particular tangy tastes stand out all the more. You definitely can’t go wrong with a beer and a pizza combo.

They Have Specific Pairings

Just like wine and meat, specific beers go best with specific pizzas. Crisper, lighter beers are an ideal match for pizzas with a modest amount of toppings. They uplift each other’s flavor profiles without overpowering the other, so it’s a great pairing if you want to indulge without worrying too much about the calories. For example, pilsners or pale ales go well with light pizzas that are topped with fresh veggies. The mild flavor of a pilsner still offers that refreshing taste while allowing the vegetables’ sweet or bitter tastes to shine through.

Meanwhile, if you have a denser pizza, you’ll want to pair it with a dark beer. A pie that’s topped with various meats and cheeses goes perfectly with a robust beer like a porter. If you’re afraid of getting too full with that combination, then switching to an IPA offers that same bitter taste while elevating the meat toppings’ spice.


With all that said, beer and pizza are definitely the best combinations yet. They’re incredibly flexible in ingredients, but they never lose their signature tastes. It’s a pairing that’s best enjoyed with friends, but it’s equally delightful to indulge in by yourself. With all these winning points, it’s hard to find a worthy rival!

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