Pizza Puzzles: Why Are Pizzas Round & Placed in Square Boxes?

Sometimes, we’ll have moments in our days where we ask ourselves the tough questions. “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” “Is there a parallel universe?” or we even go deeper and ask, “What is my purpose?”. These are all valid questions, but we’re sure you’ve wondered why pizzas are round but need a […]

What to Make With Your Leftover Hamburgers: 4 Recipes to Try

Burgers taste so good! No matter what gathering you have—may it be a small get-together or large reunion—burgers are a must-have at the table. You can even order more than you need and eat everything by yourself. If you decide to do that but end up with extra patties you don’t know what to do […]

Are Beer and Pizza the Best Combo Ever?

Some foods are just destined to be paired together forever. From peanut butter and jelly to ice cream and apple pie, it seems like the flavors were simply made for each other. Although the comforting spice of apple pie melds amazingly with the velvety goodness of ice cream, the truth is that it’s simply not […]

How to Eat Pizza the Healthy Way: Tips for the Health Conscious

Pizza is one of the foods that people choose when they try to be healthy and fit. Some people often classify pizza as junk food, but it doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. If you carefully examine a pizza, all its primary ingredients are nutritious. The only time you would consider it junk is when […]

4 More Reasons to Have Some Pizza When You're Feeling Down

During those days when everything is stressful and nothing seems to go right, there’s one thing that people usually get to cope with the situation: comfort foods.  What’s interesting is that comfort foods can vary from one person to another. There’s a wide variety of foods that can bring comfort to people—just like how one […]

Stop Reheating Pizza The Wrong Way - Here's What You Should Know

There are a few things as comforting as biting into a fresh slice of pizza that’s just arrived from the best pizza place in town. Some dietitians might have objections, but pizza is a filling and nutritious meal, and it makes for great leftovers as well. On the off chance that you decide not to […]

The Top Comfort Foods You Need After a Breakup

Breakups are the worst. No matter how much you convince yourself that better days are coming, it sometimes doesn’t make sense when all you feel is pain inside. There’s no need to conceal your emotions, though. They say that the fastest way to heal is to feel everything. Ultimately, the only thing you can do […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine and Junk Food

The typical foodie will usually associate fine dining setups with haute cuisine, foreign wines, and uniformed waiters. However, the typical foodie won’t likely be keen on having to shoulder a hefty bill every week either. That being said, food and wine pairings need not be extravagant. Wine can suit whatever cuisine you like best—even fast […]

Flipping Burgers: 3 Reasons Burgers Are a Staple and Well-Loved Snack

Burgers are one of the most versatile snacks in the world as changing up the ingredients beyond your usual ketchup and mayonnaise combination can elevate the low-brow plate into unbeatable eats. Burgers are a staple dish in the American cuisine, packing gastronomic delights and nostalgia on a juicy bun. One of the beauties of burgers […]

Why You Should Start Eating Like Greeks - What to Know

Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, rich ancient and modern history, and with an overflowing abundance of fresh crops and marine life— it’s no wonder that Greece is one of the top tourist destinations. Aside from being so picturesque, Greece is also famous for its amazing […]