4 Ways Lunch Catering Can Boost Office Morale and Productivity

Everyone has different versions of happiness, but if there’s one thing people have in common, it’s a shared love for eating good food. Whether it’s comfort food that everyone can take a bite out of like pizza or gourmet dishes that are sure to test your palette, indulging in gastronomic delights is a satisfying way […]

4 Simple and Satisfying Ways to Serve Pizza at Your Wedding - Our Guide

Pizza is a universally go-to snack across the world, wherein different cultures have their versions of the perfect slice. Pizza is always present in birthday celebrations and backyard get-togethers, but there’s no reason to skimp out on a hearty bite at your own wedding! The fresh-from-the-oven goodness creates a gastronomic adventure that is sure to […]

How to Throw a Pizza Party for Your Child - Our 3 Tips

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So you’ve just ordered pizza for your upcoming sleepover or overnight party. Unfortunately, the pizza has arrived a few hours early. Now, how are you going to ensure that the pizza you bought is going to stay nice and warm till they arrive and help you consume every bit of it? This seems to be […]

Easy and Delicious Leftover Pizza Recipes You Need to Try

Ever been too big a fan of your favorite pizza chain and ordered more than your stomach could handle? As the best pizza catering company in Maryland, Manny and Olga’s Pizza can get you into that habit. Rest assured, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to be tossing half the box in the bin. Instead, you […]

3 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Your Leftover Pizza

No matter what occasion or gathering you’re planning to host, you can never go wrong with pizzas. Everyone is sure to enjoy this hearty and delicious meal, however, you can never avoid leftovers! While throwing your leftover pizza into an oven is probably the easiest way to enjoy it, there are other ways of reheating […]

Our Guide to the Best Cheese to Use for a Flavorful Pizza

Wherever part of the world, one dish remains one of the few universally well-loved foods for different ages: pizza. Different cultures have their versions – from Chicago’s best, New York’s finest, Neapolitan classics, to modern gimmicks like sushi pizzas. Either way, pizza serves as the ultimate comfort food. While the toppings and styles of cooking […]

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With summer just around the corner and much more bonding taking place indoors, this time of year signals one special occasion for families all over America: pizza party time! Why a pizza party is a great idea to follow Although it’s Italian by origin, pizza quickly became a pivotal part of American culture and is […]

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The 9 Most Popular Pizza Topping Combos of Today - What to Know

Pizza topping combos come and go, but some are so good that they stay for good! Are you the type of person who never knows which type of pizza to get? Worry not, because these are the classic combos that are sure to satisfy any craving: 1. Bacon, Sausage, and Eggs Ever thought about pizza […]