Dishing Out Your Good Sides: The Best Pizza Side Dishes

Pizza is perfectly wonderful on its own, but pairing it with a great side dish can make the whole dining experience even better. The right side dish can make each bite that much more enjoyable, and it’s a great way to add variety to an already satisfying meal. But now the question is: What exactly is the most ideal side for your next pizza order? 

This article lists down all the best pizza side ideas to help you pick your next order. Use this article as a way to get your friends and family as excited as you for your next pizza party, 


  • Chicken Wings


Chicken wings are a great complement to meatier kinds of pizza. Buffalo chicken wings, in particular, are the best, and they make a great match with a classic meat special pizza. You can also pick BBQ chicken or Philly cheesesteak pizza. This is the best meat-up feast for any wings-man or woman. 

Another popular choice is to pair vegetarian pizzas with a plate of wings. It’s like a way to manage your diet a little bit by enjoying some meat with your veggies. 

The best part about pairing pizza and chicken wings is that they’re mostly finger food, which means you don’t even have to use utensils to eat. This is also why most pizza-with-wings pairings are a popular choice in the party scene. The next time you throw a pizza party, don’t forget to wing it! 


  • Fries or Onion Rings


Most of the more family-friendly pizza lovers enjoy fries or onion rings for their pizzas. This is because these sides are bite-sized, easy to eat, and a fun choice among kids. Most younger children love to eat cheese fries, while preteens love the quirky shape and taste of onion rings. 

Pizza pairings for fries or onion rings are mostly a question of personal preference. For instance, some pizza lovers love to top their fresh, hot slice of cheese pizza with fries or onion rings because of the delicious, umami bite accompanied by audible crunches. Consider a platter of fries or onion rings for your next pizza side order. 


  • Salads


Veggie lovers and pizza lovers enjoy having salads as their side for their pizza. It’s more than just about feeling less guilty when you go for your next pizza slice. It’s also about the different fresh flavors and varieties that make it a wholesome choice for different pizza parties. 

A popular choice is the Greek salad. The combination of feta cheese, cucumbers, freshly sliced tomatoes, and olives is a great treat after enjoying any kind of pizza. If there is the option to customize a pizza, the best pairing would be something with a bit of heat or kick, like a pepperoni pizza topped with jalapeño slices. For the salad, you can go fully vegetarian and healthy-ish for any pizza party. 


Before you call any pizza delivery service, don’t forget that the sides you choose also matter. They are great partners for any slice of pizza. Consider all the options we mentioned today for your next order!

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