Greek Food 101: Reasons Greek Food Is a Fantastic Cuisine

Greece is known for its beautiful cities, beaches, and vibrant culture. Many people visit this southeastern European country because of its rich history, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Aside from its beaches and ancient stories, Greece is also known globally for its incredibly healthy and extremely delicious cuisine. 

Many cooks still use the same techniques, fresh ingredients, and traditional recipes when making Greek dishes. This allows you to go back in time and imagine how ancient Greeks used to enjoy their meals. 

If you’re curious about what makes Greek food so good and high up in the ranks of one of the bests, keep reading! Here are the reasons Greek food is a fantastic cuisine. Sip some wine, dip some bread in olive oil, and let’s get to it!


One of the best things about Greek cuisine is that it is healthy. It’s so healthy that Greeks get most of their vitamins from their meals that are rich in vegetables, fruits, and fish. Most entrees in Greece are vegetable-based, making each plate full of all the goodness your body needs. If you find meat during a meal, it’s most likely considered a side dish. 

Additionally, Greeks get their protein boosts from beans and similar vegetables, seafood, and meat, such as lamb. Farmers and locals generally use livestock for dairy to make cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Besides that, olives are a popular ingredient in Greek food that provides great benefits for your body, such as healthy oils, nutrients, and flavors. 

Fresh ingredients

Another reason Greek food is amazing is that Greeks take pride in their fresh ingredients. Finding fresh ingredients is easy for Greeks because of the availability of various spices, livestock, vegetables, and fruits grown locally.

Because of Greece’s geography, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be served fresh and delicious seafood straight from its coasts. This is why when you eat at a Greek restaurant, processed and frozen ingredients are out of the picture. 

Rich in flavors

Because Greek food has been around for centuries, you’ll notice that their dishes are a blend of different cultures throughout the years, making their dishes full of stories and flavors. 

At points in their history, many nationalities visited their country and introduced various ingredients and dishes incorporated into traditional Greek food. Persians introduced foods like yogurt, honey, and rice. Meanwhile, pasta and sauces were taken from Romans, and Turks injected coffee in their culture.


In the present, Greeks are still known to really bind themselves into their history. Aside from their values, clothes, and occupations, they don’t forget the story of their meals and how they’re traditionally made and consumed. 

Tradition is what makes Greek food different from the rest. How the Greeks ate thousands of years ago is how they still cook and eat their food today. Some cuisines that are still loved by locals are lentil soup and dolmades, which is rice with minced meat wrapped in grape leaves.


Because of its fresh ingredients, strong traditional recipes, and vibrant culture that stood the test of time, Greek food will always remain one of the supreme cuisines that every person must try. If you’re thinking of going on a healthy but flavorful diet, Greek food is the best option for you. 

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