How to Eat Pizza the Healthy Way: Tips for the Health Conscious

Pizza is one of the foods that people choose when they try to be healthy and fit. Some people often classify pizza as junk food, but it doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. If you carefully examine a pizza, all its primary ingredients are nutritious. The only time you would consider it junk is when you get overboard with your chosen toppings or the number of slices you eat in one sitting.

Pizza can also be good for you. If you are a health buff who can’t get over the sight of molten cheese and its aroma coming fresh off the oven, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Follow these tips, and you’ll never say no to pizza again:

Tip 1: Choose a pizza with a whole-grain crust

Many pizza chains offer healthy servings to their customers. If you can, order a pizza that uses whole-grain crust. Whole grains are high in fiber that can help you feel fuller fast, making you limit your pizza intake. Fiber also helps keep your digestive system healthy and reduces the risk of diseases like stroke, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. Choose a thinner crust too because even though whole grains are good for one’s health, eating thicker slices would also increase your calorie count.

Tip 2: Carefully choose your toppings  

Here’s what you should get if you are aiming for a healthier pizza. If you want to eat meat, go for turkey pepperoni or Canadian bacon. Or better yet, order a veggie pizza and ask the chef to add small slices of meat on top of it. It is still a better choice than eating sausage or pepperoni pizza.

Tip 3: Overload it with tomato sauce

Tomato sauce has many health benefits. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and could also reduce any risk of prostate cancer. When eating pizza, try to ask for extra sauce. You can even dip the crust into it. 

Tip 4: Limit your cheese

A pizza won’t be as good without the cheese; however, learn to manage your intake of it. Cheese can also be beneficial for you, but only if taken in moderation. Cheese can give you calcium, and getting a bit of it every day can help keep you lean. In one study, researchers discovered that women who cut calories but added foods high in calcium in their diet lost 70 percent of their weight on dairy foods. Settle with one layer of cheese in your pizza. That would be healthy for you.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to order a side dish

Consider eating a colorful salad before you devour a slice of pizza. Get as many colors as you can into your bowl. Add dark and leafy greens, yellow chickpeas, and red and orange peppers. Don’t forget to top it with a lean dressing. Besides giving you additional nutrition, it is one trick of making you feel fuller faster, thereby preparing you to resist that extra pizza slice.  


Staying fit and healthy doesn’t have to be sad and boring. You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite food, especially pizza! All you need is find the right ways to eat it, and you’re good to go. Remember also to keep everything in moderation, and that includes the number of your pizza slices.

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