How to Throw a Pizza Party for Your Child – Our 3 Tips

When you are planning for your little one’s birthday, you might be thinking about putting together a fool-proof plan that’s bound to make their upcoming birthday the best yet.

As the day comes near and your kid grows even more excited about turning a year older, you may feel more pressured to piece together an unforgettable party. While you continue to scramble to hand out invites, plan gifts, and make sure everything’s ready, there’s one more piece of the puzzle that you’re probably overlooking: the theme of the party.

Given the many ideas that you can go with, it’s understandable to feel pressured when choosing the very best party idea that will truly make your little one happy. Fortunately, there’s one idea that’s bound to hit the spot right every single time: a pizza party!

Why a pizza party is a great idea

Beloved by kids all over America, pizza is something that anyone and everyone enjoy. Whether your child is a vegetarian, a budding meat lover, or a weird dessert connoisseur, they’re bound to love an excellent, hearty pizza.

If you’ve got a birthday bash all planned out and are looking for that last addition, here are three tips to consider when planning a pizza party:

1. Make sure that everyone gets stuffed to their heart’s content

While the question of what food to offer is an absolute no-brainer, there are two more aspects you’ll need to tackle: ordering enough pizza for everyone to enjoy and making sure everyone’s diet restrictions are met.

The best way to accomplish both tasks is to get a strict RSVP of everyone who is planning to attend so that you know how many people are coming and who has diet restrictions. Once you’ve got all the details down, multiply the number of everyone expected to go by three to get the ideal amount of boxes you should order!

Additionally, getting your pies from the best pizzeria in your areas—such as Manny and Olgas—will leave everyone even more satisfied and happy. So, make sure you do your research before ordering!

2. Plan fun and exciting activities

While pizza by itself may be tons of fun, the best way to enjoy it is by bringing some games into the mix for a super awesome party! When mixed with pizza, games such as “bring me,” “musical chairs,” and “who can say happy birthday the longest,” are bound to make the entire experience much more enjoyable for everyone in attendance!

3. Put on a movie screening

Aside from games, another way to make your kid’s upcoming pizza party much more enjoyable for every guest is to screen a flick that everyone’s bound to enjoy. Generally, the best option to go for is the one that your kid chooses. So, make sure to ask them before the party so that you can get a copy ahead of time!


Putting a pizza party together for your kid is a surefire way to make sure that they grow up with memories that they will always cherish long after becoming adults. By taking note of the tips above, you’ll make everything more enjoyable without fail!

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