Pizza Puzzles: Why Are Pizzas Round & Placed in Square Boxes?

Sometimes, we’ll have moments in our days where we ask ourselves the tough questions. “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” “Is there a parallel universe?” or we even go deeper and ask, “What is my purpose?”. These are all valid questions, but we’re sure you’ve wondered why pizzas are round but need a square box. Why not make the pizza box round as well?

When you get pizza delivery service in your home, do you sometimes have the urge to ask the delivery guy the answers to your pizza questions? You probably didn’t ask, or if you did, the delivery guy probably didn’t give an answer. To solve this puzzle, we’ve done a bit of research to help you understand why pizzas are round and why they’re packed in square pizza boxes. 

What’s the story behind pizza’s round shape?

Many people genuinely want to know why pizza is shaped the way it is. Some pizza companies have tried changing their pizza shape, but the original circular shape is here to stay.

Originally, pizza was only made of three components: yeast, water, and flour. After mixing all of these ingredients, the dough has to rise. Once the dough is done rising, it is then stretched to the desired thickness and spun into the air to remove lumps. When you use this method, you naturally get a circular shape. 

But, you can change the shape, right?

Yes, you can. However, during those times, people realized that having a round shape was economical because it cooked the pizza evenly. They also discovered that it was the best way to have even distribution of toppings and flavors. 

Now that we know why pizzas are round, let’s dive into the tougher question.

If pizzas are round, why are they served in square boxes?

Pizza boxes are square-shaped because of practical reasons. First, it’s quite hard to make a round box. Manufacturers and suppliers have the right equipment to make round boxes; however, it’s time-consuming and requires more labor. With square boxes, you can assemble one with just a single sheet of cardboard. 

The second reason is that it is easier to store and more stable. Piling several boxes on top of each other is perfectly fine because there are four points that keep them stable compared to round-shaped boxes.

Another reason is that the pizzas are much safer inside square boxes because of its large and stable hinge. This component makes the package less prone to damage and makes it easier to carry around. 

Lastly, square boxes provide more space for the pizza, making it easier for you to get the slices out of the box. This also leaves room for pizza restaurants to include extra dips, hot sauce, garnish, and chili flakes. These square box factors make every pizza delivery service man’s work more manageable. 


It’s quite funny to see a round-shaped pizza inside a square box. However, now that you know why pizzas are shaped the way they are, you’ll be able to enjoy your takeout pizza even more. At the end of the day, pizza remains one of the best foods invented. Whatever shape or form, or whatever box they’re in, pizza is still one of the best gifts Italians have shared with us. That being said, it’s time to get the best pizza delivered and share these pizza facts with the delivery guy. He’ll probably be amazed to know these as well!

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