The Best Pizza in Washington DC and Maryland!

Tired of the same food every day?

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Look no further than Manny & Olga’s Pizza!

Bringing the love of family and pizza all the way from Greece, Manny & Olga’s is here to serve you uber cheesy goodness on heavenly dough, made with the best of ingredients.

Our Story

Manny Athanasakis grew up in the olive and grape fields of beautiful Greece. With dreams to share the love of food with the world and own a family run restaurant, Manny began his journey in 1974. By 1993, Manny officially renamed his business Manny & Olga’s, incorporating his loving daughter’s name.

His inspiration came from family values, the warmth of food, determination and the power of a dream; all of which are baked into a delicious pizza and topped with fresh, crumbling cheese and tons of love.

With loyal customer retention and many happy moments celebrated at Manny & Olga’s, the power of good food and great values has brought together families at Manny’s for decades.

Our Food

The perfect combination of crispy-on-the-outside and super-soft-on-the-inside, Manny & Olga’s authentic Italian pizzas are made from a traditional family recipe, perfected with the finest ingredients and served piping hot with tons of taste. With rich pizza sauce and tons of zesty pepperoni, fresh sausage, and crispy veggies, you’ll never eat pizza the same way again.

Manny & Olga’s is not just the newest hotspot for the best pizza in town. The restaurant also features a huge Greek menu for you to enjoy! Economical, healthy and super delicious, the pizzeria is also known for their irresistible gyros, sub sandwiches, wraps, salads, wings, pasta, and even burgers! In other words, with tons of tempting specialties, you’ll never go hungry at Manny & Olga’s.

Super economical and packed with taste, Manny & Olga’s Pizza is famous all around Washington DC and Maryland. And the best part? Super quick delivery! Fresh pizzas, chicken, sandwiches and calzones are delivered fresh-out-of-the-oven at your doorstep with our superb delivery services.

The Best Pizza Delivery near You

Tired of looking up “pizza deliveries near me”? Look no further than Manny & Olga’s Pizza! Your favorite pizzeria and Greek food is spread out all over Maryland, Washington and Bethesda for quick and easy access to food.

So what’re you waiting for? Order a fresh pizza pie or juicy parmesan chicken for instant delivery at your door! Check out this link to see a Manny & Olga’s Pizza franchise near you.

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