The Top Comfort Foods You Need After a Breakup

Breakups are the worst. No matter how much you convince yourself that better days are coming, it sometimes doesn’t make sense when all you feel is pain inside. There’s no need to conceal your emotions, though. They say that the fastest way to heal is to feel everything. Ultimately, the only thing you can do is cry your heart out and eat good food to make you feel better.

If you need suggestions, we have here four proven and effective comfort foods to console your aching heart.

Ice cream to cool down your feelings

Ice cream is the most famous breakup food out there. No dessert is better at improving one’s mood than ice cream. It’s calming, satisfying, and comes in different flavors and colors. Adding sprinkles, marshmallows, and chocolates can even make the situation a lot better.

Remember, you can always devour a full pint of ice cream while listening to your heartbreak song and crying your eyes out before going to sleep. We understand that it’s a need, so give yourself that break. Eating ice cream alone or with your girlfriends can empower you in many ways you can imagine.

Pasta to heal your heartaches

Pasta just makes things better. The noodles, whether short or long, are simply comforting to the mouth. Add the sauce and all the herbs and spices, and suddenly, life feels a lot better. Pasta has a lot of recipe variations you can explore. Whether it’s the classic Italian spaghetti you crave or the all-time favorite lasagna you choose, you’d have no regrets.

Knowing that there are different types of pasta that you can enjoy serves as a beautiful reminder that in this world, you always have a lot of options, and soon you’ll find the best one for you. You’ll soon meet the one that suits you best and won’t even attempt to break your heart.

Pizza to fill your heart with love

There’s no problem that a box of pizza can’t solve. While ice cream can be a crowd favorite, pizza has a special place in every American’s heart. It won’t have its national holiday or won’t earn the “Most Instagrammed Food” award if it isn’t that awesome.

The different toppings, the texture, the color palette, the smell, and the addictive aroma contribute to the desire to devour the whole box by yourself. It reminds you that, yes, you can be selfish sometimes. Making yourself happy isn’t an act of selfishness all the time. In this safe space, let’s call it self-care.

Fruit smoothies to calm your nerves

Once you’re over with the binge eating of junk food and sweets and think you’re ready to consume something healthier, fruit smoothies are great options for you. It can still be sweet, but it’s a healthier kind of sweet. You can still enjoy your colorful drink while also giving your body enough vitamins and minerals to recover gradually. Now, you’re ready to take care of yourself again, and you’re prepared for that glow up.


If there’s one guideline you should follow when it comes to self-healing, it’s our recommended comfort food list. Other than that, you’re free to heal the way you want. Cry until your eyes are worn out and eat your heart out. Sooner or later, you’ll feel better, and you’ll be ready to face the days again with a smile.

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