Why Your Next Office Party Will Be Easy As P-I-E

Are you celebrating a company milestone? Is your team claiming victory for exceeding the week’s targets? Does it happen to be someone’s birthday or work anniversary? For whatever occasion, or for no particular reason at all, the centerpiece at any office gathering should be pizza.

Breaking out pizza can ease the tension of a stressful meeting in, say, the Accounting department, or perhaps broker a peace deal between the Art and Finance teams. Send a box of steaming hot pizza down to IT, and watch how quickly your connectivity issues are resolved.  Pizzas, with their simple, unassuming, and mouth-watering appearance, are guaranteed to appeal to any corner of the office.

Treating your colleagues to a well-deserved meal together can be as easy as P-I-E. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Pick

Pick from a variety of choices on our Proper Pizza Menu. Pizza is an endlessly flexible dish that can satisfy anyone, such as your meat-loving secretary, as well as the IT-guy who’s recently gone vegetarian.

Half the office might prefer a thin crust, the other half might favor deep-dish. Personalize that Italian pepperoni pie so that your corporate lawyer can appreciate additional toppings like peppers or black truffle mushrooms.

Human Resources might want to keep it classic with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. You might feel daunted for having to think of what food to serve for a 20-person party. The positive is: pizza parties are fully customizable and require no prior preparations and little lead time. Pair your pies with buffalo wings, pasta, and other equally delicious and effortless dishes.

Step 2 – Indicate

Indicate your budget and identify your preferences. Corporate pizza catering can fit a wide range of work budgets while still satisfying varying inclinations. It might be tricky with limited finances to feed an entire department, let alone an entire office.

If you’ve had no time to plan, it might be tempting to just order from the fast-food joint down the street. However, the best-tasting Italian pizzas are crafted from authentic, high-quality ingredients and infused with fine flavors. Still, you can enjoy them as immediately and affordably as fast food. Whatever the occasion, office pizza parties can be as fancy or as laid-back as you prefer.

Step 3 – Enjoy

Enjoy your feast with your work family. At the end of a long week, you and your team have earned your right to party. Close your emails, kick off your shoes, and gather your colleagues. Eagerly await your pizzas and easily turn your corner conference room into a party place for a few hours.


Any occasion at the office, from working lunches to major events, can be capped off with a pizza. There are various options for flavors and crusts, so you don’t have to worry about not meeting individual preferences for their pizza. Take the fuss out of planning with a prepared pizza catering menu so that you can focus on what matters most—spending time with your work family, making new memories, and enjoying one another’s company.

We’ve prepared a proper pizza menu for all occasions so that you can have hot, fresh, and delicious pizza delivered to you. We have pizza delivery services in the Maryland and DC areas, any day of the week. Order now!